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The song of a home sick person...

Nothing more to write...the song of a home sick person...

During the three months till now at Mysore, the emotions have ranged from first pleasant surprises, to total enjoyment to now pure home sickness. Here is a poem reflecting on the third emotion.

Countless are the days,
in here we have spent.
Joy,sorrow and dislike,
all emotions we have felt.

Time now we feel,
has come to move on.
When the magic of the
place no longer charms.

The glamor and lights,
no longer we like.
The pleasant surprises,
have turned into dislike.

Away from home no,
longer can we be.
Bored of the place,
as much as can be.

But, however we may want,
its here we have to stay.
And, however we may dislike,
we cant leave a task midway.
The Malegoan Malady

The nation has been held ransom for too long by petty politicians wanting to garner votes and terrorists hoping to achieve their objectives by the use of fear.

What do you do to polarize sentiment on religious lines? You go and put a bomb near a religious place. People get killed, divisions get deepened, and a fear psychosis sets in, resulting in votes for the political parties who play on these sentiments.

The same fear and rage sentiments drives young men with no employment and nothing else better to do into the waiting hands of the fundamentalists, in whom they think they have finally found a path to salvation. The fundamentalists, in turn find people willing to die for their causes, people ready to be brainwashed with bogus ideology and people who would be used as mere chess pieces by their masters.

Is a bomb all that is needed to polarize religious sentiment, drive young men towards fundamentalism and lead to divisions in …