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About a Girl...
...(searching for things...that I just can not see...)

Before realizing a dream, the first step is to realize what is it exactly that we want from life. To many times we wander aimlessly without knowing what is it that we really desire. This poem is about one such girl. It is about everyone infact, everyone who is going through the path towards self realization and awareness.

About a girl, a story begins.
Her life it was, caught in a cage.
To break free was what she crazed.
In deep thought she spent all day.
Something was missing in her life.
A dream maybe, some wings to fly.

Khushi na jane kahan chale gaye the.
Anginat parchaiyon main kho gaye the,
Ya, raat ke sitaron main so gaye the.
Pata nahin kya chah rahe the,
Apne aap ko he pehchan rahe the.
Ek sapna, ek manzil talaash rahe the.

(The is the first of a set of two poems...the second is about the same girl..having realized what she wants and now aware of herself...there is no stopping her in her path towards the fulfillment of he…