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"Months of Life"

The Comeback Post: "Months of Life"

The Delhi Metro finally gave me some respite. It opened in South Delhi and instead of me driving around the Ring Road- DND Route everyday, I was now a true "Metro Man". I had been envious all this while, of people living in East Delhi and West Delhi and North Delhi, as they had something which we, in the south did not have- The Metro! The relief from the driving meant though long hours still in metro. Now the challenge came, to a restless soul like me, on how to pass that 1 hour, sitting alone in the metro. In the underground stretch, the GPRS did not work, so the good old Facebook or Twitter were out. I tried to be constructive initially, taking with me, like a seasoned businessman, a copy of the morning business newspaper. Opening that, always inspired envious glances in the Metro. I got bored of that pretty fast, I realized, I had already gone through the grind of daily Economic Times reading during my MBA placement days, 1.5 y…