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Friday, September 17, 2010

"Months of Life"

The Comeback Post: "Months of Life"

The Delhi Metro finally gave me some respite. It opened in South Delhi and instead of me driving around the Ring Road- DND Route everyday, I was now a true "Metro Man". I had been envious all this while, of people living in East Delhi and West Delhi and North Delhi, as they had something which we, in the south did not have- The Metro! The relief from the driving meant though long hours still in metro. Now the challenge came, to a restless soul like me, on how to pass that 1 hour, sitting alone in the metro. In the underground stretch, the GPRS did not work, so the good old Facebook or Twitter were out. I tried to be constructive initially, taking with me, like a seasoned businessman, a copy of the morning business newspaper. Opening that, always inspired envious glances in the Metro. I got bored of that pretty fast, I realized, I had already gone through the grind of daily Economic Times reading during my MBA placement days, 1.5 years ago, so, no more suffering!  After fiddling with my music player and trying to read a few novels, I quickly shifted to what I liked most. Something, I really loved and yet, during a hectic 2010, had not found time for it. That thing was poems!! So, courtesy the Metro, the poet was back after a long hiatus.

The poem is an analogy between months and friends. Here it goes:

For all the months that God gave,
Each its flavor, each its taste.
Each its story, each its memory.
Like necklace beads, beautiful life they make.

Just like two strangers, just met.
are the months Jan and Feb.
The wind is cold and the winter long.
For warmth and human touch, they both long.

The ice breaks, and spring is March and April.
Flowers bloom, just like their friendship.
Closer and Closer they both get and
Their joy, like fragrance also spreads.

The summer is hot, like their passion.
In May and June, into love, friendship blossoms.
Like dry earth waits for water.
Lovers, separated wait for their destiny.

Then the Rains  come and wash away their fears.
The Freedom months, July and August are now near.
Heavens give their blessing with raindrops.
A smile is there, where there was a  teardrop.

Like seasons, Life also has its flip flops.
Autumn only comes when spring and rains are gone.
As man and wife, together all hardships they face.
Removing differences, closer they both become.

The two who had just met in Jan,
Now have seen it and won it all.
The festival season, Nov and Dec is their celebration song.
Unlike Jan and Feb, this winter is different.
Each other's company, is their New Year present.

Sid. 14/10/2010