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From today onwards, I will be writing a series. A series about love, true love. Its dedicated to two of my very close friends. I will call them N and S. The series is called Sweetheart, and it starts with a touching poem, in Hindi which S wrote for N. Hoping you will like it.
Dosti se pyaar aapse kar beethe, Aapke pyaar mein hum kya se kya kar beethe Aapne hamme chooaa, toh aap ek dost se kuch aur he bun beethe.
Zindagi mein aap humko mile, ghum jo hamein tha hum bhula beethe, khushi aapko dein, zindagi bhar ke, isse tamanna se hum, apni jaan aapko bana beethe.
Door hain aapse aapko yaad karte hain, Aapki baatein ssoch kar, tanhayee mein muskara liya karte hain. Mil jaayein agar toh zindagi bhar khuda ko yaad karein ge. Na mile agar toh............. jannat mein aapka intezar karenge.

Infosys Mysore Training

The Company: Continued,110 days

110 days, yes that’s how long it has been for most of us here. 110 days of software modules, projects, making friends, missing home, enjoying and being fed up. These 4 months have been like 4 years of college compressed 10 times. From getting to know each other in the interactive Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) classes in the beginning to becoming friends, having fun and then in the end getting bored of the place. Time has now come to bid adieu, as each would be posted to a different location from amongst the nine centers the company has in the country.

Separated, never to meet again, maybe. But however we hated the company sometimes, we would all remember these four months at Mysore, the friends we made here, maybe just for making the transition from college to professional life in a place so far away from home, so much easier than it could have been.

About the Infy Mysore Campus

Random Thoughts: The Company

Infosys is in some ways more an institution than just a company. An institute which trains thousands of people each year from diverse engineering backgrounds to be quality software engineers. An institution which also represents values and principles at a time when these very qualities are fast disappearing in the corporate world.

Concentrating on the more mundane matters of providing training, students who are picked up from different colleges throughout the country are sent to the Global Education Centre, GEC in short in places like the Mysore Development Center. Their they are put up at great accommodation and given facilities others can only dream of, in their Employee Care Center, ECC as it called. Just for the record, they are provided world class training in the fundamentals of software and then in one specific technology. But these are factual details and you probably know most of these.

So coming to matters more humane, just being in a place so fa…