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Seasons of love....
(a new poem with Rashmi)

It was the summer with its flair.
But there was something hot in the air.
The cheeks were blushing red,
and the eyes were shining black.
Yes, there was something hot in the air.

It was the rain dancing with its zeal.
But there were drops trickling on my feet.
My smile was saying a thousand words.
Her eyes promised a whole new world.
Yes, there was something mysterious in the air.

Then seasons changed and autumn came,
But eyes which met now turned away.
Love that was shared now turned to pale.
Leaves of spring are only there,
To be blown away, with autumn here.
Yes, the eyes which met are now turned away.

Winters have now come and we have moved on.
Love now lost, only a chilling cold remains,
Why can not it be forever?
Why does it have to be this way?
My wet eyes have a story to say.
Yes, love is now lost, only a chilling cold remains.
Presenting on Friendships Day…
Neha Feat Siddharth

The poem for all times....

Mein jee raha tha zindagi kuch aise,
Ek manzil ke talash the jaise.
Ek raah dhoondh raha tha main,
Kisse ka intezaar tha shayad mujhe.

Mein jee rahe the zindagi kuch aise,
Ek humsafar ke aas the jaise.
Mein has rahe the kuch pal aise,
Mano chupa rahe the apne aason jaise.

Sitaron ke daman se ek taara mil gaya.
Baadal hat gaya mujhe suraj mil gaya
Roshni mein jag gaya, andhere kho gaya.
Kisse ka saath mila aisa ke,
kuch lamho mein pure zindagi jee gaya.

Mein jeene laga zindagi aise,
Ek dost mil gaya ho jaise.
Ek raah mil gaye the mujhse.
Apne hone ka ehsaas hua jaise.

Duniya se door mujhe ek thikana mil gaya.
Mujhe jeene ka ek aasra mil gaya.
Zindagi mein khusiyon ka ek aashiyana ban gaya.
Mano jeene ka ek bahana mil gaya.

Mein jeene lagi zindagi kuch aise
Doobti kashti ko ek kinara mil gaya ho jaise.
Kushi jo mili aansoon aa gaye.
Zindagi mein kuch pal hanseen aa gaye.

Darti hun kahin apni nazar hi na lag jaye.
Dil ki yeh anjuman dil hi…

Roads gone by...

Collaborations....Siddharth Saxena
Feat Rashmi PriyadarshiniPart 2

Roads gone by...

(A new poem co-written along with one of my very good friends.)

"Zindagi ke safar main gujar jaate hain jo muqaam.
Woh phir nahi aate woh phir nahi aate. "

Smiles, laughter, joy and the play.
The image of the girl, with that smiling face.
Crushes and heartbreaks, every other day.
All come back to me,
Sweet memories as they say.
Like the signboards on the highway.
Roads gone by, not meant to stay.

The childhood fights, the friends for life.
The first drink, those times we spent.
The first love, those promises, kept and unkept.
Like the signboards on the highway.
Roads gone by, not meant to stay.

The gesture of your eyes, the pain in my cries.
That midnight kiss, that first time hitch.
Yes, there was something that your laughter had to say.
Like the signboards on the highway.
Roads gone by, not meant to stay.

Those small small gifts, the after day rifts.
That walk in the rain, the talks we shared.