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back to basics.dreamz song no 1.stella's story.

well, the wait is finally is the first song of the dreamz called....Stella's Story.

There was a girl Stella in my life,
from a small town she came.
She had her dreams in her heart
and planned to fulfill them one day.
She worked and worked,day and night,
and called me just to say...
Look, I may have troubles,
and I may have pain,
but, I will be happy one day.
Cause I have my dreams,
and dreams dont die that easily,
Not for me any way.

Though she chased her dreams,
she loved a guy the same way.
Engaged to be married,
she was happy once again.
But he left her crying,
never to return one day.
She, cried and cried,
day and night,
and called me just to say,
Look, I may be sad,
and I may be in pain today.
But I will be happy once again.
Cause I have my dreams,
and dreams dont die that easily,
Not for me anyway.

From grief she rose
and on the path of dreams
she put herself once again.
Though she worked and worked,
day and night,
success did not co…
the road to 'friends forever'

friends forever.dats the name of the song which i am currently working on.but what do these two words signify? i mean are friends forever...or is it that feeling of friendship...which is everlasting?or both.i mean,there are people whom you meet, once in a while...people with whom you share an instant rapport and a great chemistry.then it become tough imagining life without those people.without the jokes, the fun and the simple feeling of being have a feeling of what if?having one thing leads to the fear of losing it.fear to lose it all one day.just like that.then the question which i mentioned, strikes it just a passing phase or is there a hint of permanence to it.a feeling, that maybe just maybe, years down the line, it will all be the same.just like now. i will end it with a msg i got months ago.n its the only one i hv from dat long.
"We always know that looking back on the tears, would make us laugh.but we never know tha…
college humor.period.

a take on the famous lines from veer zaara.

Main roll no. '679'
DCE hostel ki salakhon se bahar dekhta hoon
Din hafton mahine ko semesters main badalte dekhta hoon...
Is mess se kisi saste dhabe ki khusbu aati hai...
Ye hostel mujhe kise jail ki yaad dilati hai...
Wo kahte hain ki ye college hai phir kyun ye mujhe school se badtar lagta hai...
Wo kahte hain main unka student hoon phir kyun mein unki classes bunk karta hun.
Main roll no. '679' DCE ki salakhon se bahar dekhta hoon.............................

ps: if you are wondering what happened to the Dreamz collection then the latest is that song 2 of Dreamz...'Friends Forever' is almost complete and that along with 'Stella's Story' would be posted very soon...
why should guys have all the fun?

well, if you have seen the new ad the tv, you know what i am talking about.but does not the question itself have an inherent assumption...that guys are infact, at least till now having all the fun?well in our traditional male dominated society, that might have been true.but now its 2006 and the winds of change are blowing everywhere. be it any field women are not just making their mark, but also leaving behind a trail for us guys to follow. women now are on top, in more ways than one.they are everywhere, literally...from top corporate positions, technical leads, university toppers to even the big guns in the political arena.well things have come to such a stage, where they have in a way forced HUTCH to go pink!well, talking about pink which is the new in-colour, as can be seen by guys like saif ali khan having it in their attire.well on an ending note, i cant even say come on guys lets play catch up...cause women are only taking their rightful place in…
group discussions and personal interviews part2

well, are are some ABSOLUTE DO NOTS, based on ACTUAL experiences at my TIME coaching classes.

1)DO NOT, i repeat do not START A GD if you are not sure of a topic. i mean you would not like to begin with your views on europe and asia in a discussion on Euthanasia.
2)DO NOT show off all the new financial words you have learned in a non-financial GD. well, talking about 'assets' in a discussion about the merits and demerits of mallika sherawat and sania mirza, can seriously hamper your chances of selection.
3)DO NOT talk about data and figures if you you are not sure of them. you should not be in a GD if in a discussion about FDI in retail, u suddenly start talking about 100%FDI in kirana stores.(this was the worst, and a person actually said it).
4)DO NOT keep looking at the moderator, even if shes pretty and you are in an all boys group. the moderator is non existent. dont ogle at her, even if she is aiswariya rai.:-)

btw if you missed …

Well, Agaaz is over now.Here is a listing of all the songs...

Oliver's StoryDilemmaAutumn LeavesDeceptionLove of a lifetimeWithout ReasonFalling RainThe Electronics Engineers ThemeWell, though everyone has his/her own favorite, the song which I especially like in Agaaz is Dilemma. Well, what next after Agaaz?....After the Agaaz, it time for Dreamz to take over. Yes, thats the name for the 2006 collection. Work on Dreamz has started and the first song of it, Stella's Story has been completed and will be posted soon. Watch out for that...
The last song of Agaaz and the V.Day collection...

Well, Agaaz has come to its conclusion. I will end it with a nice little poem which is also the last one for the V.Day collection.
song no 3 in the series.7th overall. Agaaz. aug, 04.enjoy...

Falling Rain

Waited for that moment,
So long and with so much heart.
Longed for it to happen...
Till the sun began to fall.
Dreamed of it all the time
Without luck but with so much cause.

Then finally one day,
I saw you standing...
...on the steps,
in the falling rain.

So great was the beauty
and what grace.
The enchanting smile,
charmed me into a daze.
Could not take my eyes from u,
however hard I tried.
Cause I had seen you,
now on the steps...
In the falling rain.

this is song no 2 in the series.6th overall.Agaaz. march, 03.
looking back, I still wonder why i wrote this song in the first place. the mood has changed now. more in the november rain and jal mould...but what the heck???
enjoy the song...(this was my first song EVER, so a bit of rawness can be forgiven)

Without Reason

Guess you know why,
I am writing this song.
you are the reason,
ask yourself...
cause you are the reason.

Like rains after summer,
Like spring after winter,
Thats how I feel,
Thinking about you,
Thats how I feel.
You are the reason.

Thats why I am here,
Just to look at you,
Just to see you smile.
ask yourself...
you are the reason.

Now, would you please,
make it all real...
As you have given,
me a reason to live.
A reason to love.
You are the reason.
well, here is the first one. song no 5. Agaaz again. enjoy!
written in may,03.

Love of a Lifetime

Love of a lfetime,
was the one I got from you.
Those moments I can never forget,
the ones I spend with you.

The sun was shining bright,
So was our love deep inside.
Those days it seemed,
would never end...
Those were the days,
I spend with you.

It was a Love of a lifetime,
great that I was there
to cherish every moment!
Valentines Day Special

Whenever anyone starts writing poetry or songs, the starting topic for most of them is love. It wasn't any different for me when i started writing about two years ago in '03. looking back at some of the songs i wrote back then, they seem so very mushy-mushy and so silly. sometimes even childish. love-struck as someone just commented! but those songs are as much a part of 'Agaaz' as any other which I wrote later on. am posting some of them here, dedicating them to my 'committed friends' and also to those like me who have realized the virtues of being single.virtues of being single???or is it me making a virtue of a fact. whatever!anyways, check out the songs.
song no 4. Agaaz again. this one hurts...


Looking into the mirror,
Is someone else I see.
Blurring at the edges,
Whos face is it staring at me.
Lost myself years ago,
Now even my image isn't me.
Unmask the Deception please.

Why do you lose it all,
when you want the most...
Why do you get the most pain,
from the one whom you love the most.
Is it all real...
Or am I dreaming once again.
Unmask the Deception please.

Deception is the reality...
And its here to stay.
Let me out of it...
Unmask the reality please.