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The last day...Project, Some Special Moments and 300 ml of whiskey....
...the story of my last working day in DCE and the last nite in the hostel...

The time is 4 in the morning. Am still on the computer, reading those final few topics and copying those final few files onto my pen drive. All in preparation for our B-Tech project presentation, the next day. The D-Day, in fear of which we all had been living for the past few months. Yes, the day had come.

But, despite all the talk of leaving college, the feeling of actually leaving college, the realization that all of might be together for the very last time, had still not come. That feeling come three days later, when after the project submission, even the formalities of no-dues from college were completed and the hostel room surrendered. But, thats another story.

Coming back to the D-Day, here I was going to sleep at 4am waking up at 6am, getting ready and on the way to college by 7:30. I reached finally at DCE by 9:20, which was my ear…
Leaving home…off to MysoreLiving in hostel does not imply leaving home, especially when home is a two hour bus journey away. Having the option of going back to home sweet home on any day makes hostel just an extension of the home, where you have to stay for certain periods of the week. Thats why despite living in the hostel of DCE, the feeling of leaving home was never there, home as I said was a bus journey or better still a local call away.But going to Mysore for my job training is a different matter altogether. Mysore means having the option of coming back only once every few months, that too by expensive flights or torturous trains. Mysore means expensive calls back home. Mysore means being on my own.It is at times like these that the what-to-do and what-not-to-do advices start pouring in from friends and family. Everyone now is your self appointed advisor and councilor. In fact a list of things to be taken was prepared by my aunt, who after seeing that even with only two weeks to…
I am FANNA...

Dur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise,
Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise.
Hum Who Khushbu Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye,
Khud Apni Saanxon Ko Rok Paoge Kaise..

Rone de tu aaj hamako tu aankhe sujane de
baho me lele aur khud ko bheeg jane de
hai jo seene me quaid dariya wo chut jayega
hai itana dard ki tera daman bheeg jayega..

E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde,
Use Mera ya Mujhe Uska Karde.
Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam,
To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi aur Mujhe FANAA Karde.

Tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye
tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye
adhoori saans thi dhadkan adhoori thi adhooren ham
magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain ham.

Hum Tum...