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Monday, November 20, 2006 where it all started

It was almost five months ago, when I, on my birthday took a flight to Mysore from Delhi. Mysore was the place I was going for my training and Delhi was my hometown which I was leaving. Yes, I was crying in the flight then(ya ya ya, guys do cry). Delhi was the place where I had lived throughout my life. It represented family, home, friends and well everything. To say it in hindi..."thoda rona toh banta tha na"?

Well finally landing up in Mysore, undergoing training, making friendships, breaking friendships and going to places like Ooty and Bangalore was quite an experience. A new life had started there, new group of people to hang out with, new places to go to and yes new things to look forward to and dream about. It was in itself, a whole new world. A world complete in itself, cutoff from Delhi, with its own set of relationships and rules. Delhi it seemed then was only a blurring dream, too far away to reach. From crying while leaving it, a time had come when within months the memories were blurring and it seemed like it was only Mysore from the start.

The Mysore Mirage ended when we were, rather when I was posted to Pune. Some joined me there while others went to their respective locations. The common thread which binded us all in Mysore ended in Pune. The Mysore experience had ended and the actual professional life had started. One dream breaks and other takes over. What broke up of the Mysore dream gave way, not to Pune but to the hometown, thats Delhi. Thats were I am, with life turning full circle in 5 moths. Not sure if I would cry this time when I go back to Pune. Last time was one too many.

But one thing is for sure, just like Mysore, a new dream, a new life would start at Pune. And Delhi again would be a distant and blurring memory.