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The best days of my life...

Dreamz...the journey till now

Well, the Dreamz collection is now five songs old. Each of them is very special to me. But like SRK, my best work is my last one. And that is I am fine.You are Fine. Well, heres a listing of all the five songs...

I am fine.You are fine.

the Silliest Song Ever


Friends Forever

Stella's story
Echoing the sentiment

And If I Did Not Make Mistakes
Katie Paton...a Scottish Poet

And if I did not make mistakes
And give too brief a thought to heavy questions
And too much time to little matter;
Or if I always knew which road to travel
Where every step would lead me into daylight
And if each face that turned to watch me pass
Was broken by a smile;
Or if whenever I should choose to lay my heart
Bare upon the sun-warmed grass,
It always was returned with tender touches
And carried by a song;
And if my heaviest burden were only to be
A breeze upon my back, and blossom in my hair,
And my brow was never crossed with lines of pain;
If all this endless summer were my lot
And winter's fury never beat me back,
Then I never would have seen the stormy nights
Through which I've struggled, fought and won;
I never would have known the joy of needed comfort given,
Or the essence of a FRIEND!!!!!!!!!

check out...
I am fine.You are fine.

Ya, that's the name of Dreamz song no 5. Well it talks about not being true to yourselves and your friends. Wont discuss it much, just enjoy the song...
here is presenting...I am fine.You are fine.

You say you are ok.
You say you are fine.
You hide behind that smile.
You laugh,but you know its hollow,
What do u want to hide?
From whom do you want to hide?

Killing yourself,like this.
So, you want to escape?
Why don't you say it?
That smile cant hide,
the look in your eyes.
Cause i know that you
didn't sleep last night.
That laugh can't hide
those tears.
Cause i know that you,
cried all night.

I am your friend.
Want to believe?
But how can you?
Your self wont let you.
But you just cant hide the pain,
and pretend you are fine.

So, you think you are being strong?
But strong is being true.
True to yourself.
No mask.No pretense.
I am your friend.
Thats all I can say...
But it wont help,
Unless you say,
that you are not OK.

Life through yahoo messenger...

If there has been one thing which has been an essential part of my online existance, it has been the yahoo messenger. here are some special moments from it...

Well, the holi messages to start with...

Now coming to the famous victory of SA over Aus...the first two are obviously related to the victory.But of the third message i am not sure.;-)

Finally, moving to the misc section...


Well...well...well.if there's one question that's on everyone's lips, its about the future. what will happen tomorrow? by thinking about what happened and worrying at what might be in store for us in the future, we forget, whats most important to us, and that's our, coming back to our questions about our future, here is DORIS DAY answering all of them with one of my most fav songs...QUE SERA it.enjoy it.

When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother, 'What will I be?
'Will I be pretty?
'Will I be rich?'
Here's what she said to me:

'Que sera, sera,
'Whatever will be, will be;
'The future's not ours to see.
'Que sera, sera,
'What will be, will be.

When I grew up and fell in love,
I asked my sweetheart, 'What lies ahead?
'Will we have rainbows
'day after day?'
Here's what my sweetheart said:

'Que sera, sera,
'Whatever will be, will be;
'The future's not ours to see.
Copy Cat

Well, I usually stick to originality in my blog.usually here is the key word.cause usually does not mean always. that's why i just could not resist doing a bit of copy and paste when i found this in raghav seghalsblog...raghav sehgal btw was one of our seniors in DCE. So check out what he has to say about his end semester preparations....

Final Year Exams...... Picture this...a day before exams....

6-8 pm = type 5 girls hostel ke bahar.....aur kahan yaar

8 pm = abe konsa exam hai...

8:02 pm = oh shit...phat li...course kya hai...

after couple of calls and helluva confusion...
at 8:30 pm = chal index pe mark karte hai....

9 pm = sucks so never ate but always roam cvr...with anna or go to pappu's room for a fag.....or some where else with juniors...or getting some info on exam...

comeback at 10 pm = gone through the course from 3rd party angle till 11:30 pm

11:30 pm = anna comes...b*h*nch*d course kya hai.......good...excellent...
from 11:30 p…
Breaking the Type-Cast

Well, Stellas's Story, Friends.Interrupted and the yet to be posted I am fine.You are fine had created a false impression, an untrue typecast;-)Well, time has now come to come out of the sad songs genre.hahaha. the following poem is a step in that direction.n well, as with all the previous songs,it has supposedly no relation to any person living or living in.;-)had to add the last line, dont u think so?

The song is called 'the Silliest Song Ever' and it is in some can use it for whom so ever u want, of course with a more romantic title. so theres presenting...Dreamz song no 4, it called 'the Silliest Song Ever'...

theSilliest Song Ever

Blue, not when I am with you.
Red, the roses which I get.
Green, the spring of love, between us.
Even the colors seem to rhyme,
Girl, you are divine.

Fire, the warmth in your eyes.
Water, my dreamy eyes.
Earth, is where we met.
Even the elements seem to rhyme.
Girl, you are divine.

The world seems new now,
the colors…

Five point someone in DCE

Five point someone in Delhi College of Engineering

Well, I just read 5pt sm1 and am still in the hangover mode. well, taking inspiration from parag kansara of the laughter challenge, i was thinking what would have happened if things had been a bit different.what if chetan bhagat, instead of being a cool iitian dude, was a apna DCEite. Delhi College of Engineering sure would have formed a perfect backdrop for a book like this.

Starting with the name first, what would the book be called, 65% someone, two supple someone or the 'no bandi in class' someone! And what would the story be? It would be fun making a DCE special story, with T5, SNH, CVR hostels and the Apsara ice creams providing the perfect settings for all the escapades mentioned in the book.

Well, starting with the story part, the three IIT-D Mechanical Kumoan Hostel dudes would be replaced by the three DCE Electronics, CVR hostel guys.(change in already there, dudes being replaced by just guys:-)). So, what else would…
Songs,Dil se...Especially for you

Well, i wonder if you are fed up with all the silly songs of Agaaz and all the teary numbers from Dreamz. Well, if that is the case, and I hope not, then it time for some change.change?nothing drastic.then?well, i am just posting a few of my fav lines from a few famous eng n hindi songs.ok!
before commencing on that, well I had something to say(what now?) about a free special one to one crash course I had just joined. Though I have had only one class till now, the expected results till now are not quite there.(what is he saying?)A lot more dedication from the student(thats me) and a little more attention from the teacher(who?) is whats, is it all sounding greek?i knew it. before you think that something has suddenly happened to me;-), well its supposed to sound that way.what?

dont be confused, cause we are now moving to the oh-so-special post your fav lines section!well, talking of fav lines, as I have mentioned before, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, is …

So,you cried with Stella in Stella's Story and walked down memories lane in Friends Forever. Speaking of friends forever, some friendships are not supposed to last. sometimes we just have let go and move on, with only memories to cherish or memories to regret, which ever way you take it.the next song of dreamz looks at one such frienship which did not quite turn out to be till forever.
so here is dreamz song no 3, it called friends.interrupted.


Some friends we have, some friends we had.
Some hopes we have, some hopes we had.
Love is what we lost, pain is what we gained.
Moments cant come back again,
but just thinking about it,
wasnt it supposed to last?

Trying to look back now,
just thinking about what went wrong.
Where we lost our way.
Friends forever,
it was supposed to be.
it came to be.

What are we supposed to do now?
Rejoice for what it was,
or cry for what could have been?
Perhaps it was your mistake,
perhaps it was mine.
But, what the…
Dil toh pagal hai...

DTPH, released in 1997 is one of my all time fav movies. the songs specially are magical. amazing lyrics. amazing music. well, its just poetry on screen!

the whole concept of friendship vs love, in which friendship lost out here, was carried forward further in kuch kuch hota hai, where ultimately its frienship in which srk n kajol find true love.hmmm.

but, whats love according to u and me?well, to give my side of things, here are some lines from one of DTPH's songs,Are Re Are, which is also one of my most memorable songs.

"...Haath mera thaam lo saath jab tak ho
Baat kuchh hoti rahe baat jab tak ho
Saamne baithe rahe tum raat jab tak ho
Arre re arre ye kya hua maine na ye jaana."

before u come to any conclusion and after u stop your smile, this is just the way i think. the way i think love should be. without expectation.without a cause. without a reason. love itself being the reason, love itself being the cause. where silence speaks as much as conversation. …
Friends Forever...

Well, this one is dedicated to all of u at the Delhi College of Engineering, at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj and of course all friends from Laxmi Bai Nagar. This is song no 2 of Dreamz. Its called...u know it...its 'Friends Forever'.

Friends Forever

Along the path of dreams we move,
People come and people go.
Seasons change, the air is new.
Friends we find, friends we lose.

As we move on,
sometimes we forget,
people who crossed our paths one day.
With whom we shared,
a moment of laughter,
a days play,
an evening of joy,
a lifetime of memories.

What did we lose?
What did we gain?
New people come, we forget the old.
New seasons come and then even they go.
Then we look back one day,
take a moment to recollect and rejoice,
A small smile comes to our face,
just looking back,
and small incidents keep coming back.
The smiles grow wider.
Years come and years go,
But memories stay all our lifes.
Friends forever...yes thats true.
The memories, atleast
stay always with you.