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Collaborations....Rashmi Priyadarshini Feat Siddharth Saxena

Desire.......Not Without You.

You are the fire, which is burning me inside,
but this is the desire, when I close my eyes.
You are the ocean, in which I am drowning,
but this is desire, in which I am wandering.
You are the earth, exploding beneath me,
but this is the desire, building up inside me.
With you is my destiny, make it true,
Without you the desire would burn me through.

You are the power of my breathless sighs,
but this is the way I want to die.
You are the the world above my sky,
but thats the place I want my heaven to lay.
The silence counts for my enchanting words,
but still I want my whispers for you to hear.
You are the seconds of my endless hours,
but this is the time I always want to bear.
These are the things I dont want to forget,
but the only wish I had is to forget- You Forever.

(special thanks to Rashmi Priyadarshini.)
From darkness to light...

Friends forever, is what it seemed.
A world of our own is what it looked to be.
Moved too far away now,
Maybe that’s what it was meant to be.
Maybe there is after all,
something wrong in me.

Intentions good are what you need.
Help, care and you shall receive.
But you see life, and your faith shakes.
Maybe being good was not the way to be.
Maybe there is after all,
something wrong in me.

Hoping against hope.
A new struggle each day.
Twists and turns, yes that’s life.
Failures and disappointments,
How long would I see.
Maybe there is after all,
something wrong in me.

Destinies have a way of unfolding,
Doors have a way of opening.
Luck changes, new paths emerge.
Maybe I am alright,
Maybe now it was not meant to be.
Maybe the future belongs to me.