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Dream On...

"Yeh roshni ke saath kyun
Dhuaan utha chiraag se
Yeh khwaab dekhthi hun main
Ke jag padi hun khwaab see."

Have you ever had an impossible dream? A dream however much you want to, you know it will never come true. You pray and pray, wishing that maybe somehow this dream of yours came true. But deep down you know, that what you are chasing would forever be a dream, never a reality. A stage comes when you finally resign to fate, accept life and reality for what it is and forget that dream which you had. You stop dreaming then. You stop living.

You are then the realist.The realist is the one who questions, for him its a game of rationale and logic. There is no scope for dreams, magic and miracles. In his words, the probability for them is zero.
The dreamer doesn't go by cold logic and rationale. He thinks beyond the logical conclusion and the seemingly obvious rationale. As Bernard Shaw said,

"You see things; and you ask 'Why?' But I dream things that never …

There are people,
and there are people.
There are friends,
and there are friends.
There are times,
and there are times.
Am glad i was there at the perfect time.
A story of that special time...

(Special thanks to Rashmi Priyadarshini for the video)

What I also do at Pune...

Fortunate...Smiles and Tears

Fortunate is the one
who get a life worthwhile.
Fortunate is the one
who can share a smile.
Fortunate is the one
who has a shoulder to cry.

Fortunate is the one
who has a love in life.
Love and friendship give
a meaning to life.
Fortunate is the one
who has both by his side.

A few find true friendship.
Fewer find true love.
Its a treasure,
don't lose it.
Cause you are the chosen
few who has it.

People live, people die,
without love in their sight.
Dont let go of it so easily.
Just think about those
who search for it,
all their lives.

(thanks to S.M. for the first line)