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The Greatest Moments..Part 1.. The Swap Finder...

So, its been 10 long years since we passed out from engineering. A lot of amazing, regular and not so great stuff happened in those 10 years. 
But milestones, being milestones-  it is good time to review things and see what lies ahead. Essentially, where you were, what you learnt and how you could tried to be a better person.
Like Stage 1 of a game being done and now its the more difficult Stage 2 coming up.
Before we get there, I will just focus on sharing those moments and events which made it all worth the while.
So, the 1st step after DCE was my joining at Infosys in Mysore. It was 4 months in one of the best corporate campuses in the world - The Infosys Mysore Development Center. So, it was like an extended college with classroom programs and projects which taught you the essentials of Software Development and also made you focus on a particular stream which was  in my case was .Net.
Apart from the friends I made, what made the time memorable were two projects which I took up no…