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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IMT Ghaziabad Placements

Placement to Placement...Engineering to MBA...

Final year at Delhi College of Engineering to Final Year at IMT Ghaziabad. The same time of the year, the same dreaded 'P' word. P for placements. The same feelings, the same fears and aspirations. Seems nothing has changed. There is an economic meltdown and C/C++ and Quant practice has been replaced by Sub prime fundas and marketing gyan, but still, the essence of the placement time is the same.

In 06, TCS was the first company, followed by Infy and Aricent. In our quest to quickly get a job under our belt, a majority of the 550 strong batch had applied for TCS. A simple objective MCQ paper, not doing all questions right intentionally, as from what we had learnt TCS rejects you as being "over qualified" if you do all the questions. :-) So, we having done just the right amount of questions right,were overconfident that we would qualify for the next stage and be home for Rakhi which was on the very next day, the day on which Infy was scheduled to come.

The results of the initial shortlisting round came out and while almost all of our batch mates made it and even 100+ got eventually selected(TCS is not known as Bulk Recruiter at engineering colleges for nothing!), there were three guys who were surprisingly left out. There was myself, and there were two other friends, all living in the same floor in the same hostel.

Not being shortlisted was hard to accept, as we knew all the answers(Software companies tend to repeat their questions every year and these are freely available on the net!) and had deliberately marked a couple wrong as not to be "over qualified". What ever the reasons might be, the point was we were not going home on Rakhi and were sitting for Infy the next day.

It's said that circumstances and bad luck bring people together. It did, that day, as three friends bonded over their seemingly bad luck and cursed their tormentor TCS, without any limit. As time passed, we realized that cursing just would not do, and there was a company coming up next day. We arranged for material which would help us crack that. For Infy it meant, the famous Shakuntala Devi puzzle book. So confident were we of cracking TCS the very first day, that we had not even bothered to go through it before.

Interesting things were happening then as we prepared for our savior Infy, which was due the very next day. One of us suddenly got a call from the office, that TCS had indeed shortlisted him for the interview and he had to be there in 10 min. Sitting in his night pajamas, he managed to get ready, tie and everything, in 10 min flat. He went, he gave the interview and came back. Dejected. To join us again for the preparation for Infosys. All in a space of 45 minutes. I also got a call from one of my classmates who also had not been shortlisted and with whom I was on msg-msg terms only. ;-) Call was to stay cool and that "there were great companies ahead, this is only the start, and that I was good enough to make it" types. But it worked. A girl explaining you things always always works.

Then, did we get through Infosys? Well two of us did. Did that girl call again to congratulate me? Well she did! Did something happen between us? Well, we became very very good friends. A lot of stories, related to those three "rejected by TCS" friends happened, from that time when they bonded over their failure in the DCE hostel to today. One is now an electronics guru, another a finance stud and the third, well third is me...going through the whole placement process again, which would start very soon.

The butterflies are back and as I read about how managers should cope with the economic crisis, I hope I mange to come out smiling from the placement season, with some new stories to talk about!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Best of Gtalk Status Messages
(MBA inspired, Micro Blogging at its Best! :D)

I know there has been no post on confessions for some time. There are a couple of poems written somewhere in my 4th trimester note book and there is an idea of a post inspired by an amazing thought shared by one of our marketing faculty teachers in his last class. But, alas...till I and those poems and that "amazing thought" find a common time to get together in the form of a couple of posts, I am posting some of my favorite gtalk status messages. Stages come in life when you pass through the entire rainbow of emotions, in the same day. The MBA only further accentuates the whole “feeling” thing. Hoping some of these gtalk statuses capture what is going on around here.

On Life
· Connect the dots forward, you see hope...connect them backward, you see destiny...
· It’s said that happiness is along the way, not at the end of the road. Once you realize that, the journey itself becomes the destination.
· Life is a string of pearls....pearls made of moments and people....some of the pearls so would just want to treasure them forever and feel lucky and blessed you found them....
· Apart from the ones whom you really love and care about, letting other people become a source of your unhappiness is giving too much importance to those people. They deserve not time, but indifference.
· The Abhimanyu Dilemma: You know the ways in...but you can’t find the wayz out!
· The problem with life is, you get things and you want more...and as we get things the expectations increase...the satisfaction is never there because already the expectations reach a higher level....and that’s true both for material things and more so for relationships...
· Looking back, life is just some moments...moments u just cant forget...some people who touch u...people whose just being in your life changed the whole meaning of it...those moments u cant forget....those people you would alwayz remember...these are the essence of life...some v.special friends and some v.special moments....
· Life gives you seemingly unrelated got to join them to see the real picture which life is trying to give and also to realize the importance of each part in the overall scheme of things.

· A woman has facets and dimensions to her that a man can just never have. The more you try to know them, the more you realize there’s so much more to know...and learn...
· What’s the difference between Take-Out and take-Home? The difference between Bipasha and Deepika!

· As my CGPA is a depreciating asset (liability!), a put option on that would work best!
· The Indian constitution gives us 7 rights; the Rights Issue is certainly not one of them!
· Love is like a high risk, high return stock, but without the hedging option, the possibilities of getting hurt are always there…

· CB: Studying Brand Switching Q1) Is there any guy better than your present boy friend? Q2) So, which parameters can be classified as barriers which don’t let you "switch" to the better guy?? Q3) Rate them on a Likert scale? :D
(For the non MBA types: CB is Consumer Behavior)
· My childhood dream was to sell soap...but I would settle for selling washing powders and shampoos as well ;)
· For a marketer, TETRA packs seem much more exciting than 6 PACKS :D

· I now have "strategic intent", but my "strategic plans" keep facing changing "external environments” :D

The Bottom-line
They say life starts after 25, but that would happen if we get out of this place, alive!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogging is out...Microblogging is in...

This is how Wikipedia defines micro-blogging ...

Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually less than 200 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or the web.”

Micro-blogging is emerging as a new form of expression. Be it the Facebook or Orkut 'Status Update' or the G-Talk or Yahoo Messenger status messages, people are using micro-blogging to express themselves in newer ways. Now with just a couple of lines, you can convey what you are feeling at the moment. The challenge is to be creative, so that that one line or couple of lines not only are interesting to read but also capture your feelings at that moment. This momentary capture of feeling is what makes micro-blogging so different from the traditional blog. The traditional blog post has a limitation that it is an expression of a collection of feelings over a slightly more extended period of time. It sometimes fails to capture the moods changes, the change in feelings as they happen, which a simple messenger status change does. So, if a status changes from :-( in the morning to :-) by lunch, you get the broad picture of what that particular person has gone through since morning. No need of a lengthy blog to convey one's feelings.

Sometimes finding original content, which would just give the perfect measure of the feeling, becomes tough. Then quotes and song lyrics come into play. Sometimes interpreting why a particular person has put a particular song lyric or a particular quote at a particular time as a status update, is in itself a source of great fun and time pass. Sometimes it is less a case of feelings being expressed and more a case of trying to be humorous. Even them, the expression the humor takes gives an indication of the present state of affairs for that person. Let me give you an example:

Commitment as measured on a Likert Scale: 1) Not Committed 2) Committed for the time being(time constraint) 3) Committed in the college/office ( institutional constraint) 4) committed for the city (geographical constraint) 5) Committed for Life!!!, where do u rate yourself?? ;-)

This was one of my status messages for gtalk during my summer internship. Feelings are no where into play here, it is a pure trying-to-be-funny status. But still, for someone who would have a slight idea of what I am doing these days would know that some where I am connected with a marketing research problem(where else would the famous 5 point Likert Scale come into play?). So, it can be deduced that somehow the summer internship effect is showing.

Another one of my summers related gtalk status messages:

MNYL: Your Partner for Life..."Your" defined as a TG of single, beautiful women...bhasad in the times of lovin it!!!

(Btw MNYL is name of the company where I did my internship, and “your partner for life” is their punchline. Further, TG is marketing jargon for Target Group)

One status message related to my being in Chandigarh/Mohali for my internship:

Hit a six, take a wicket...get a hug from priety wonder Kings X1 Punjab are doing so well :D:D:D

Finally, one of my favorite status messages:

The truth about marketers: "baatein toh acche karte hain, kaash aadmi bhi acche hote"!!!! ;-)

Who better than a marketing student, to spill the beans about the reality of marketers. So, all in all, micro blogging either depicts a feeling or even when it is humorous, it is somehow related to the present “external context”. These wont replace blogs but in their own small ways, they give an outlet for individuals to express themselves as and when they please.

Note: The gtalk status messages shown in this post are taken through the Kwippy software which automatically saves the status messages of an individual at a dedicated page.

Friday, March 28, 2008

About a Girl...
...(searching for things...that I just can not see...)

Before realizing a dream, the first step is to realize what is it exactly that we want from life. To many times we wander aimlessly without knowing what is it that we really desire. This poem is about one such girl. It is about everyone infact, everyone who is going through the path towards self realization and awareness.

About a girl, a story begins.
Her life it was, caught in a cage.
To break free was what she crazed.
In deep thought she spent all day.
Something was missing in her life.
A dream maybe, some wings to fly.

Khushi na jane kahan chale gaye the.
Anginat parchaiyon main kho gaye the,
Ya, raat ke sitaron main so gaye the.
Pata nahin kya chah rahe the,
Apne aap ko he pehchan rahe the.
Ek sapna, ek manzil talaash rahe the.

(The is the first of a set of two poems...the second is about the same girl..having realized what she wants and now aware of herself...there is no stopping her in her path towards the fulfillment of her in Taare Zameen Par...Udne ko Tu Azad hai....bandhan Koi Ab Hai Kahan...!!!)
Ps: ideas, suggestions relating to the theme of the proposed second poem are most welcome!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taare Zameen Par...

Yeh To Hain Sardi Mein Dhoop Ki Kirane
Utarein Jo Aangan Ko Sunhera Sa Karne
Mann Ke Aandheron Ko Roshan Sa Kar Dein
Thithurti Hatheli Ki Rangat Badal Dein....

Rarely, does one come across a song which expresses so deep a thought using so common examples. Through things like the different facets of nature's beauty, the song tries to tell us that there are certain invaluable things in the world, whose value and importance we usually overlook.

Taare zameen par comprises all such things that make life beautiful. But to enjoy their beauty, we have to recognize and value them for what they are. It is too easy to overlook and too easy to lose them.
The most precious things anyone can hope to get are not always the most apparent. Too often, only after we lose something, we realize its importance. Getting the love of someone is something that many of us do not value while we have it. Why is it that we hurt those who love us? Why is it that we let go of love so easily? The case of "missing the woods for the trees" is made clear when we allow small differences to come between love.

A line from the movie Don Juan Demarco illustrates the importance of love,

“There are only four questions of value in life. What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made of? What is worth living for? What is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love".

To have found someone who loves you and understands you is like having the most precious of all stars. But by not recognizing and respecting that love we run the risk of losing it.

As the song goes,

"....kho na jaen yeh, taare zameen par".

So, if you have found love, hold on to it and don’t lose it. The seas like love are both calm and troubled. All it takes is a bit of patience to live through the stormy part.