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IMT Ghaziabad Placements

Placement to Placement...Engineering to MBA...

Final year at Delhi College of Engineering to Final Year at IMTGhaziabad. The same time of the year, the same dreaded 'P' word. P for placements. The same feelings, the same fears and aspirations. Seems nothing has changed. There is an economic meltdown and C/C++ and Quant practice has been replaced by Sub prime fundas and marketing gyan, but still, the essence of the placement time is the same.

In 06, TCS was the first company, followed by Infy and Aricent. In our quest to quickly get a job under our belt, a majority of the 550 strong batch had applied for TCS. A simple objective MCQ paper, not doing all questions right intentionally, as from what we had learnt TCS rejects you as being "over qualified" if you do all the questions. :-) So, we having done just the right amount of questions right,were overconfident that we would qualify for the next stage and be home for Rakhi which was on the very next day, the day on which…
Best of Gtalk Status Messages
(MBA inspired, Micro Blogging at its Best! :D)
I know there has been no post on confessions for some time. There are a couple of poems written somewhere in my 4th trimester note book and there is an idea of a post inspired by an amazing thought shared by one of our marketing faculty teachers in his last class. But, alas...till I and those poems and that "amazing thought" find a common time to get together in the form of a couple of posts, I am posting some of my favorite gtalk status messages. Stages come in life when you pass through the entire rainbow of emotions, in the same day. The MBA only further accentuates the whole “feeling” thing. Hoping some of these gtalk statuses capture what is going on around here. On Life
· Connect the dots forward, you see hope...connect them backward, you see destiny...
· It’s said that happiness is along the way, not at the end of the road. Once you realize that, the journey itself becomes the destination.
· Life …
Blogging is out...Microblogging is in...This is how Wikipedia defines micro-blogging ...“Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually less than 200 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or the web.”Micro-blogging is emerging as a new form of expression. Be it the Facebook or Orkut 'Status Update' or the G-Talk or Yahoo Messenger status messages, people are using micro-blogging to express themselves in newer ways. Now with just a couple of lines, you can convey what you are feeling at the moment. The challenge is to be creative, so that that one line or couple of lines not only are interesting to read but also capture your feelings at that moment. This momentary capture of feeling is what makes micro-blogging so different from the traditional b…
About a Girl...
...(searching for things...that I just can not see...)

Before realizing a dream, the first step is to realize what is it exactly that we want from life. To many times we wander aimlessly without knowing what is it that we really desire. This poem is about one such girl. It is about everyone infact, everyone who is going through the path towards self realization and awareness.

About a girl, a story begins.
Her life it was, caught in a cage.
To break free was what she crazed.
In deep thought she spent all day.
Something was missing in her life.
A dream maybe, some wings to fly.

Khushi na jane kahan chale gaye the.
Anginat parchaiyon main kho gaye the,
Ya, raat ke sitaron main so gaye the.
Pata nahin kya chah rahe the,
Apne aap ko he pehchan rahe the.
Ek sapna, ek manzil talaash rahe the.

(The is the first of a set of two poems...the second is about the same girl..having realized what she wants and now aware of herself...there is no stopping her in her path towards the fulfillment of he…
Taare Zameen Par...

Yeh To Hain Sardi Mein Dhoop Ki Kirane
Utarein Jo Aangan Ko Sunhera Sa Karne
Mann Ke Aandheron Ko Roshan Sa Kar Dein
Thithurti Hatheli Ki Rangat Badal Dein....

Rarely, does one come across a song which expresses so deep a thought using so common examples. Through things like the different facets of nature's beauty, the song tries to tell us that there are certain invaluable things in the world, whose value and importance we usually overlook.

Taare zameen par comprises all such things that make life beautiful. But to enjoy their beauty, we have to recognize and value them for what they are. It is too easy to overlook and too easy to lose them.
The most precious things anyone can hope to get are not always the most apparent. Too often, only after we lose something, we realize its importance. Getting the love of someone is something that many of us do not value while we have it. Why is it that we hurt those who love us? Why is it that we let go of love so easily? The cas…