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this is song no 3 from agaaz. its one of my fav...just because it ends on a slightly more positive note than the two earlier ones i had written.

Autumn Leaves

Spring is not forever,
As everything has to end.
The paths walked once are now gone.
Moments shared are now lost.
All thats left is memories.
...just like the autumn leaves.

Reminding you of the trees
that were green,
of the great times spent.
Wonderful and great,
though they were,
They dont stay forever,
They go away.
Only autumn leaves are left.

Only to be blown away,
by the wind.
Dont care about them,
because every spring,
brings with it,
its own set of...
Autumn Leaves!

The written exams for the MBAs are over.and now its time for the real thing.the GROUP DISCUSSIONS AND PERSONAL INTERVIEWS, or GD-PI as it is called.
though i am still in the 'expecting calls' stage, i have started going for the classes.just in case!very optimistic, you might say?well then, who doesnt dream???

apart from the usual fare, a few incidents have happened in these classes, which i am sharing now...enjoy! At a mock interview at IMS:
Q: your biggest weakness?
A: the guy says girls.

Q: then, what is your biggest strength?
A: he says, that my biggest strength is, my being a guy.

He is thrown out of the room after these two ans.

At a meet the faculty session at CL :

faculty from a reputed pune MBA institute had come to CL for a interactive session with the candidates.
my friend asks hows the 'night life' outside the campus?
the faculty answers, "by the level of the ques you are asking, it seems u will find yourself only outside t…

Shaadi Hopping

shaadi hopping

party hopping is this shaadi season, it is shaadi hopping which is in. if at one moment you are at one marriage, then at the next moment you are at the other end of the city in another shaadi. one of the things which you might have noticed apart from the great food and decorations is the just-out-of-college P.Y.Ts dressed for the occasion in a sari. a sari, which most probably, comes out of the cupboard only during weddings and is most probably borrowed from their mother or aunt, just for that day. then you see them dance. for once you would forget that saries and dance make an odd combination. some of them are so good, that they might give madhuri and urmila a complex!i wonder if they practice their dance moves wearing a sari at home, before coming for the wedding. will ask them this in the next wedding, which is well....tomorrow!till then all i can say, after watching them dance, despite the sari, is 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne".i KNOW you agree with me.
some more original stuff.again from my 'Aagaaz' collection.hope you like it.


Why does the heart feel sad?
When you did not have,
What you lost just now…
What you did not own,
What did not belong.
Then why cant the heart,
just let go?

Was it really worth it?
The hurt and suffering…
The agony and pain.
For something that never was.
Was it a love lost,
Or a love not gained…
But then why does the heart
still feel sad.
Why can’t it just let go?

Was there something,
Something too good to be true…
Something that had to go.
Questions remain unanswered…
And the heart just won’t let go!
check this out...a song i wrote a few months ago. last sep in fact.
its the first one from my collection "Agaaz".

Oliver's Story

Give me your tears,
so they never come again.
give me your hand,
so you never fall again.
show me your smile,
so dat i can live again.

Troubled seas and desert storms,
we will leave behind.
This is no mirage,
Yes, this is real.
out of the haze,
will emerge you and i,

Give me a kiss,
before we start on this way.
Times so short and
moments slipping by...
Give me your song,
for it may never come again.

Cant see you this way anymore,
as the sweetest pleasure is not pain.
Stop it now,
before its too late.
Give me your tears,
So they never come again.
what i like and what i do? bitter...some hop...hindi old...hindi new...kishore kumar...the beatles...gnr...ghazals...jal...nirvana...musical n di dal...dosas...chinese...italian...biryani...curries...sports...chess...
cricket...inswing...outswing...the doosra...books...ayn rand...freud...coelho...blogging...chatting...utilizing time...wasting time...talking...staying quite...surrounded by people...all alone smtimes...flip electronics and in life! plans...long term this...sometimes more...sometimes less...all are just PIECES OF ME!
one more its really boring.enjoy!

“Greatness most often results not from extraordinary ability but rather from ordinary ability followed through with extraordinary devotion.”

Many people have talent, but to mould that to achieve success, one needs devotion and hard work. Great ability does not always translate into success. There have been many cases of people who had great ability but they lacked the required focus to achieve their goals. A case in point is that of the cricketer Vinod Kambli. During his initial years in cricket, his ability was rated almost at par with Tendulkar. But he lost his focus midway and now has been out of the team for a long time.

On the other hand there have been people who make up for their lack of natural talent, by great amount of devotion and hard work to achieve great heights. From the cricketing world players like Robin Singh come to mind who despite not being the most talented of cricketers, made a mark for himself even at an older age, just …
yet another its starting to get on...

“Even a tortoise comes out of its shell to make progress.” A comment on this statement in the context of the Indian Industry.

Once a laggard is not always a laggard. The Indian industry was like a tortoise in its shell before the liberalization of the 90’s. Our economy was a closed one with tight government regulations for the industry. The protectionist policies of the government did not encourage the local industry to rise up to world standards. The tight regulations killed entrepreneurship and did not allow local businesses to grow at a fast pace.

All this changed with the opening up of the economy. Instead of being killed by foreign competition, Indian industry rose up to the challenge and made a mark for itself on the world stage. In sectors like I.T and B.P.O ect our companies became world beaters. Other sectors too have grown at a rapid pace. Our industry has become more and more competitive and is now increasingly lookin…
now its time for some change...finally.

Here are a few of my favorites for the week.

Cool joke:

A little girl goes into a toy store and asks the clerk, "Does Barbie come with Ken?" The clerk replies, "No, dear, Barbie comes with G.I. Joe - she fakes it with Ken." ;-)

Cool observation:

The Engineer’s rule: Never take more than three data points. There will always be some kind of graph paper on which they fall in a straight line.
The Engineer’s rule, first corollary: if you have only one kind of graph paper, never take more than two data points.

Cool fundas:

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

To learn which questions are unanswerable, and not to answer them; this skill is most needed in times of stress and darkness. - Ursula LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. - Karl Marx
The road to no where’s paved with plans that never quite got done. - Mark T. Shire…
an essay i wrote today as practice for a mba first essay in about 4 years.

“There is no right way to do a wrong thing.”

The purpose behind anything which we do in life is very important. It is said that the ends justify the means but the converse is not true. That is, if the end or aim of a task is not good then no way or means to do it can ever be correct.

We can not delude ourselves thinking what we are doing is correct if the end which our deeds are leading to is wrong. The aim or purpose behind any work, is thus of supreme importance. We can not justify any act of ours if our intention in doing it is not good. An example is the present US occupation of Iraq. Whatever the US president or its army does now in Iraq is wrong and immoral because the intention behind it is the occupation of Iraq, based as it is on false accusations. There is no way by which we can justify or condone acts such as these.

If the intention with which we set out to do things is good, then whatever happen…

The electronics engineers theme...

Some original stuff on new years.enjoy.

the electronics engineers theme...

Bit by Bit,
The Logic Fades.
When Life Floats
In seas of Flip-Flops.
Supply less and Grounded,
Saturated and Cutoff,
When all seems Disconnected then…
Suddenly the Gates open,
The mind Interrupts
And the heart sends a signal…
It is Active Mode again.