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An angel touched me...

The poet is back, after a long time. Here's a poem, the first one written in Delhi, for about a year. Hoping you will like it.

Such times there were, the skies seemed so distant.
The lights were dimming, the night nearing.
An angel came and showed me the way.
From night to brightness, she took me away.

Such times there were, when loneliness reigned.
No shoulder to cry,no one to share my joys.
The road was unknown,the paths all alone.
An angle touched me and showed me the way.
To rainbows and flowers she took me away.

Hoping you all find the angel in your lives.

B School

Snapshots from Hell part2...Life at B School

Its been a week now at B-School, and already it seems like it has been ages. After a year of working, going back to college has not been such a difficult transition to make, in the sense of adjusting to a college environment. It was only a year ago when I was sitting in the canteen of Delhi College of Engineering, remembering all four years of college life, and only eight months when, I was sitting in the classroom at the Mysore center of Infosys, learning the tricks of software. So, the office to classroom transition has been smooth.

What new for me has been the jargon. "Networking" is now a key word, some say the most important word in the corporate world. Other key words include words from marketing jargon like "USP" or Unique Selling Proposition (whats your USP, is the first question seniors ask you here), or to the ubiquitous "value addition"(each and everything thing you do, has to have a value add assoc…