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Paths of destiny...

The next song in the Visions collection...

Paths of destiny
a destination sought
a goal to seek
some things to achieve
to be there someday
the deepest of desires
the strongest of motives.

Left behind are memories
ahead is destiny
To let go or hold on
On the crossroads, it seems.

Whats left is now behind
Or is it a strength to carry on.
Difficult choices, but
the easy path was never with me.
Thoughts on love...

I have been thinking lately, thinking a lot, about things, about people, about love. Triggering the thought process are questions, questions for which there are no definite answers. Questions for which the more you search, the more you find how much less you know. Yes, I am talking about love, the hows and whys of it. The ins and outs of it.

The answers though for most of these questions have been elusive. But the important thing which I found compelling was the whole concept of ‘falling in love’. For, what I thought, one must rise, not fall in love. Love should be the force which makes us stronger, not weaker. What makes you weak, what distracts you from your priorities in life is not love. It is just a passing phase.

But what makes you stronger, what enables you to work even harder towards achieving your goals, what gives you the courage to carry on despite all odds, is what is commonly called love. That does not change with changing seasons. That is the one with a …
Five signs you are in love...

i)You read and re-read your SMS messages, smile each time, and then proceed to read them one last time.
ii)You get missed calls all through the day. What do u do?You reply instantly by a missed call.
iii)You just have to speak to that special someone, just before you go to sleep.
iv)You suddenly, almost overnight, become a poet, writing mushy lines and penning sentimental poems.
v)You are lost in your own world of thoughts, you start smiling suddenly, without any reason and the people around start thinking you have lost it.

If you answer yes to most of these points...then God please help you...and God please help him or her...hahaha.
A poem...straight from my heart...

This is Visions Song No 5. Its called Looking ahead. Yes, its dedicated and yes its very close to my heart. Its the answer to a question...a question which has no answers.

Looking ahead

Look ahead, the future beckons
What will be, what will not be.
To worry, rejoice or think about.
It is love which asks the questions
It is love which gives the answers.

The present we have and lets not lose
The future is, but there to come
Be it roses or a bed of thorns
It is love which will take us across.

Flowers separated by nature, it is
People separated by fate, it seems
Meeting point for both is destiny
Let the future come, we will see
Fragrance of love would spread
and will be forever and ever free.
I see people, I look for faces...

Going to a new place, a place where you don't have your family, only contacts. A place where you don't have friends, only colleagues. Its at places such as these, you try to look for familiar faces. Amongst unknown, never seen before people, you suddenly start seeing people, people you know, people you love. You start thinking what if instead of these unknown people, you were again amongst the company of your loved ones. In their unknown faces, you suddenly start seeing familiar faces.

Then, this wish fulfilling dream breaks. The reality of the unknown place with the unknown people again dawns on you. You resign yourself to these people, hoping, just hoping that some of them would be like, if not the people you left.

Well, as they say, even if the cast changes suddenly, the show must go on. That it will, with a bang. Now, thats a promise.
Close to my heart...

In moments of solitude, your mind wanders. You think of things close to your heart. Things that bring you comfort. Things that connect to again to your past, to your loved ones, to that special loved one.

Handwritten letters which speak of love, that photo album with all your favorite college pics, that photo frame with you and that special someone, pictures of your family in happy times and yes some gifts, each reminding you of a very special person, reminding you also of a very special moment. All of these enshrined in memory. Memory...?Yes, memories to cherish.

Yes, these are the few things I have got now. Sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear. Giving company in times of loneliness and giving strength to carry on. These are the things close to my heart.
Like memories...

Heres presenting song no 4 of Visions, its called Like Memories and its dedicated to all my friends...

On the way to dreams, someday
A path may come when you,
find yourself alone.
Cry not, just look behind
I'l be there with you like before

For you my friend, today to everafter
As I say, its friends forever.
What we have shared
will always be there.
Past is not what we have lost
In our hearts, it will always be

To remind you, to amuse you
to surprise you,
Memories are all that I have
to give to you.
With you like memories I will
always be.
Remember me,and like memories,
I'll come back instantly.
This is not a poem...

Heres presenting Visions, song no 3...its called...This is not a poem...and I am trying to act confused...or am first venture into the abstract...

I dont need you
I am not your friend
I am not your enemy
I am just me

I have a past
I cherish sometimes
Sometimes I like to forget
I have a future
Sometimes I want to built
Sometimes I wish it never came
I want just me.

I dont like you
I wish you went away
Actually I dont care
But then I think I also love you
Love you more than anything
Actually, I do care
Do i??
I am still not sure.

Well this is not a poem
And this is not for you
Am I getting confused?
Or is it all crystal clear?
The feeling,there or
not quite there.
Me there, here, dont know
This is not me,
Not that I care...

Infosys Mysore Post

The Mysore Post...

Well, this is my first actual post from Mysore. The life here is good and I have written three poems since I came here two weeks ago and the fourth one is also almost complete. Something about the wonderful weather here I guess, inspiring in me the passion or the junoon to write these poems.

Well, first things first,life and the weather here as I have said are brilliant, facilities out of the world and well...hmmm....hmmm...I will leave this part to your imagination.;-)hahaha. Best part is meeting people from different states and interacting with them. (and coming to the conclusion that we in Delhi are actually the best...;-)...)Will leave these boring details for a later post...heres getting down to brass stacks...turn up the volume...switch off the lights...and let the show begin....enjoy the joy ride...
The story SS677's words...

"So i pick up where sid has left off, what makes me even better candidate to continue is the fact that i was the one who was in the most conscious state of the three of us...first to correct sid lets make that 300ml of his something like god sid to 50ml lete hi tunn ho jata hai :D !! well getting back to the story i and 682 returned to hostel, with me having a swollen foot with the injury i had that morning, i hoped that whiskey will help (and help it did ;) ) after waiting for some 30 mins 679 made an entry, and i swear that was an entry to remember, i had never seen such a beautiful bottle nor such a sexy packing in which it came!! And here begun the night of frenzy and wild fun....three of us pegs after pegs and highs after highs....wild dances...crazy GCs...there were four of us 677 679 682 and signature and it was a night to remember...when our namkeen got finished we went out for a walk and each one of us tried…