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The Story of a Girl...

Lonely Bird...who wants to Fly

This poem is the Story of a girl who after years of darkness, ultimately finds light and the road to fulfill her destiny. The poem has been written in alternate stanzas of English and Hindi.

A caged bird looks to the sky,
Across horizons she wants to fly.                          
Caged and bound she has always been,
Now her only desire is to be free.

एक  बात  वोह  समझ  नहीं  पा रही  थी,
जाने  क्यूँ  मंजिल से  घबरा  रही  थी.
उसकी आँखों मैं  एक  सपना था,
फिर उसको पाने मैं  क्यूँ  कतरा रही थी.

The caged bird even when set free,
Hesitates to fly in the sky.
For years caged thus, it takes time to,
Believe she can also touch the sky.

वोह  झिझक  एक  पल  की  थी,
वोह  डर  एक  पल  का  था.
वोह  अब  अपने  आप को पहचान चुकी थी,
अपनी मंजिल  को  वोह  जान  चुकी  थी.

The bird yearns to fly, the cage now broken.
Who can stop the one who has woken?
In cages of mind, her dream was asleep,
Breaking those, the bird is now set free.

डरी  आँखों  मैं  अब  एक  साहस था,
मन  मैं  जीतने  की एक चाहत थी,
When Time Stands Still.....The Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Moment!

There are levels in a relationship from the time when you meet someone to the time when you start liking that person and to the point when you can not live without that person. Liking can be based on physical attraction or it can be gradual based on liking of nature, personality or inner beauty. The more you spend time with a person, the more you start appreciating the qualities of that person. Compatibility leads to friendship and friendship leads to love. Or it can happen the other way round, love at first sight is what you call it, the initial attraction itself results in love. You just want to be with that person.

But is love just a realization of the other person's physical or even inner beauty? Do they lead to love or does love make one beautiful, both from outside and inside?

Further, is love a desire? Is love an attraction? Is love a compatibility? Is love wanting to spend your life with the person? Love is all o…

IMT Ghaziabad Placements

The MBA Placement Journey...through G-Talk Status messages!

The placement process as at any institute always starts with the finalizing your resume. That is more difficult than it sounds, involving collecting all your achievements and projects, putting them in perfect words which are "crisp" and "concise". Further, it also involves getting it reviewed from other people who always come up with some mistake or the other. Their recommendation is to "quantify" whatever you things like "Organized XYZ event" changes to "Organized XYZ event and helped increase sponsorship by 78% and participation by 110%"!!!. This is quite a skill, as people earlier wrote "Expert in C++", now some, I am sure would be writing this in their resumes: "Expert in quantifying achievements". I for one, as reflected in the status message got really irritated by the whole process.

sid"has frozen his resume and is sick of the word "…

IMT Ghaziabad Last Day

On the Last Day....15th March....

Vishnu did not want to say good bye...

Neha was sentimental...that explains the touching good bye mail she sent to the group..

Manoj remembered his friends...

and Saikat gave parting a touching, musical twist...ya...These "Seasons in the Sun" will be long cherished and remembered....

Coming to HR, Bhasin was confused...hota hai...

and Shailesh Jha was looking for go back or move on quickly....

but Sid J was just sad...

It took Prashant to quantify the achievement...

and Ashutosh Modi to put it in perspective...

What about Sid Saxena...he just knows something very precious is slipping away...and he can't do anything about it... :-(

IMT Ghaziabad Last Day

The RED Tree and other related memories

There is a tree, a tree with red flowers..standing and seeing what all the last 2 years have been...its now full with flowers...but everyday you look...the flowers keep falling...and the tree...standing like it has always been...saying goodbye to the flowers fallen...waiting for the wind to take them away and spread their fragnance...the tree stays the same...only the flowers keep coming and going.

and fine day...a time comes to cry....sometimes you just don't want to move would want time to's always like that...a set of moving images with no pause button...and then you just don't want to stay in that place...where every thing reminds you...of the time, the image, the moment...which just wouldn't stay!

The tree in front of the mess at IMT, full of flowers two weeks ago, now when the time has come to depart, empty branches remind you of the the time that went…