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To the Little One

How do you explain about life to a little one? To someone who just knows all that is good, all like it was meant to be? Let us see in the below poem!

What do I tell you my love, How do I explain,  When your innocent eyes, Have not seen any pain.
As you look around and see, A surprise comes in your eyes,  The world as it was meant to be, Pure, innocent and free. 
You smile and explore,  Making friends with new faces, Like friendship was meant to be, With open arms and hearts, you see. 
Each face is someone gained, A new friend or someone close,  No one told you, you lose some day, What you gain, one day.
That's the state to be, Embracing life as it was meant to be, What will be, will be, A baby's got other things to think you see!‎