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Marriage:The story of a girl

Dedicated to one of my very close friends, who's about to take the next step in life. Wishing her all the very best for it.

A garden of dreams,
was where she grew up.
The family's little girl,
was what they called her.

Now, at the threshold,
she wonders what lies ahead.
Mixed emotions run through her head.
As she leaves the world she has known,
A new chapter in her life unfolds.

But where old dreams end, new begin.
As she wakes up from her childhood's dreams.
A vision for the future now fills her heart.
But fears abound, at what lies ahead.
Where would it lead her, its all unsaid.

Her silence speaks a thousand words.
As her journey begins,
for a whole new world.
But shes a pilgrim, in search of destiny.
The marriage is, just a stop on that journey.