Fortunate...Smiles and Tears

Fortunate is the one
who get a life worthwhile.
Fortunate is the one
who can share a smile.
Fortunate is the one
who has a shoulder to cry.

Fortunate is the one
who has a love in life.
Love and friendship give
a meaning to life.
Fortunate is the one
who has both by his side.

A few find true friendship.
Fewer find true love.
Its a treasure,
don't lose it.
Cause you are the chosen
few who has it.

People live, people die,
without love in their sight.
Dont let go of it so easily.
Just think about those
who search for it,
all their lives.

(thanks to S.M. for the first line)


Anonymous said…
thanks to u too
Anonymous said…
hey nice one. keep writing. ;-)neha
Shelly said…
Very beautiful and well thought out. Thank you
Anonymous said…
i'm FORTUNATE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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