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Monday, September 08, 2008

Best of Gtalk Status Messages
(MBA inspired, Micro Blogging at its Best! :D)

I know there has been no post on confessions for some time. There are a couple of poems written somewhere in my 4th trimester note book and there is an idea of a post inspired by an amazing thought shared by one of our marketing faculty teachers in his last class. But, alas...till I and those poems and that "amazing thought" find a common time to get together in the form of a couple of posts, I am posting some of my favorite gtalk status messages. Stages come in life when you pass through the entire rainbow of emotions, in the same day. The MBA only further accentuates the whole “feeling” thing. Hoping some of these gtalk statuses capture what is going on around here.

On Life
· Connect the dots forward, you see hope...connect them backward, you see destiny...
· It’s said that happiness is along the way, not at the end of the road. Once you realize that, the journey itself becomes the destination.
· Life is a string of pearls....pearls made of moments and people....some of the pearls so would just want to treasure them forever and feel lucky and blessed you found them....
· Apart from the ones whom you really love and care about, letting other people become a source of your unhappiness is giving too much importance to those people. They deserve not time, but indifference.
· The Abhimanyu Dilemma: You know the ways in...but you can’t find the wayz out!
· The problem with life is, you get things and you want more...and as we get things the expectations increase...the satisfaction is never there because already the expectations reach a higher level....and that’s true both for material things and more so for relationships...
· Looking back, life is just some moments...moments u just cant forget...some people who touch u...people whose just being in your life changed the whole meaning of it...those moments u cant forget....those people you would alwayz remember...these are the essence of life...some v.special friends and some v.special moments....
· Life gives you seemingly unrelated got to join them to see the real picture which life is trying to give and also to realize the importance of each part in the overall scheme of things.

· A woman has facets and dimensions to her that a man can just never have. The more you try to know them, the more you realize there’s so much more to know...and learn...
· What’s the difference between Take-Out and take-Home? The difference between Bipasha and Deepika!

· As my CGPA is a depreciating asset (liability!), a put option on that would work best!
· The Indian constitution gives us 7 rights; the Rights Issue is certainly not one of them!
· Love is like a high risk, high return stock, but without the hedging option, the possibilities of getting hurt are always there…

· CB: Studying Brand Switching Q1) Is there any guy better than your present boy friend? Q2) So, which parameters can be classified as barriers which don’t let you "switch" to the better guy?? Q3) Rate them on a Likert scale? :D
(For the non MBA types: CB is Consumer Behavior)
· My childhood dream was to sell soap...but I would settle for selling washing powders and shampoos as well ;)
· For a marketer, TETRA packs seem much more exciting than 6 PACKS :D

· I now have "strategic intent", but my "strategic plans" keep facing changing "external environments” :D

The Bottom-line
They say life starts after 25, but that would happen if we get out of this place, alive!

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Sid J said...

i like the finance bit best...and ya..i did ur last post on microblogging as well....
though its been a while since u put up something....