Five point someone in DCE

Five point someone in Delhi College of Engineering

Well, I just read 5pt sm1 and am still in the hangover mode. well, taking inspiration from parag kansara of the laughter challenge, i was thinking what would have happened if things had been a bit different.what if chetan bhagat, instead of being a cool iitian dude, was a apna DCEite. Delhi College of Engineering sure would have formed a perfect backdrop for a book like this.

Starting with the name first, what would the book be called, 65% someone, two supple someone or the 'no bandi in class' someone! And what would the story be? It would be fun making a DCE special story, with T5, SNH, CVR hostels and the Apsara ice creams providing the perfect settings for all the escapades mentioned in the book.

Well, starting with the story part, the three IIT-D Mechanical Kumoan Hostel dudes would be replaced by the three DCE Electronics, CVR hostel guys.(change in already there, dudes being replaced by just guys:-)). So, what else would be different?

For one, the cool sounding INSTI, would be replaced by the oh-so-boring AD-Block. And would vodka, drunk on the CVR roof taste any better compared to the vodka drunk 9 floors high on the open roof on the INSTI?

Also would an ice cream date at Apsara in Sec So, be as exciting as the one in the cosy Hauz Khas ice cream shop.well, i wonder!Well, one obvious difference would be that the frequent f*** and damn words used by the characters there would be replaced by the more dil se BC/MC know what i mean, dont u?

Also, unlike the IIT prof whose strictness lead to his son committing suicide because he could not clear the entrance exams, DCE profs wont ever do such a thing. Cause if their sons and daughters did not make it through DCE, they could always turn to the likes of a certain Mr. dahiya to get the job done.i mean the admission, not the suicide! well, leaking, sure has different connotations in DCE.

And, finally the chai wale baba with his maggie would replace the paratha wala outside the iit hostel.hahaha.Well, i dont know how much DCE would fare compared to IIT-D, but we have sure had lots of fun during our almost 4 years now at DCE.and that calls for a vodka, doesn't it?with fanta.and with shamur playing, instead of pink floyd.cheers!


Ankur said…
i really liked the bit about "two suplee someone" - it has an interesting tone to it and rolls off the tongue very nicely.

i have been saying this aloud for the past five minutes and have been laughing quite aloud.

my family from the next room are probably thinking that i have gone crazy :-D

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