When Time Stands Still.....The Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye Moment!

There are levels in a relationship from the time when you meet someone to the time when you start liking that person and to the point when you can not live without that person. Liking can be based on physical attraction or it can be gradual based on liking of nature, personality or inner beauty. The more you spend time with a person, the more you start appreciating the qualities of that person. Compatibility leads to friendship and friendship leads to love. Or it can happen the other way round, love at first sight is what you call it, the initial attraction itself results in love. You just want to be with that person.

But is love just a realization of the other person's physical or even inner beauty? Do they lead to love or does love make one beautiful, both from outside and inside?

Further, is love a desire? Is love an attraction? Is love a compatibility? Is love wanting to spend your life with the person? Love is all of these and much more. The pinnacle of love is a point which I call the "Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye" moment. Its a realization which is humbling. Its a moment when you think what good you have done in your life to just spend a moment with the other person. Its a feeling which make makes you want to sing...

"Zindagi sitar ho gayi
Rim jhim malhar ho gayi
Mujhe aata nahi

Kismat pe apni yakeen
Kaise mujhko mil gayi tum"

Its a moment when time actually stands still, you find what has been missing in your life. You realize you could live forever with just that one moment of realization. Its a realization which goes much much beyond a appreciation of physical or inner beauty. These are for everyone. But a feeling like a "Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye" moment is only for one person, because only he or she can understand the significance of it.

"Utar aayi jheel mein,
Jaise chaand utarta hai kabhi.

Haule haule, Dheere se.
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se,
Tarannum mein tum...
Chhoo ke mujhe, Guzri ho yun,
Dekhun tumhe, Ya main sunu..."

Aamir pretending to be a small time actor to Asin, when he is actually a big industrialist, lies to Asin that he is going to see his ailing mother in his village when actually he is going to UK for a business meeting. What does Asin do? She calls Aamir after midnight to give him the money she got after selling the ambassador, which she had recently bought as a step towards a lifetime dream, such that she can give Aamir some money for her mother's treatment.

Notice how Aamir Khan, as he walks though chauffeur driven limousines to his own personal jet with an army of assistants following him, holds on to the small bundle of notes which Asin had given him. He knows the emotional value that Asin had for that ambassador and thus realizes the value of the money which Asin had given him.

They were in love till then, but this was the "Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye" moment when Aamir realizes how much this girl loves him. He is humbled and feels how much more lucky could he have been to be loved so much by a person.

"Tum ho sukoon,
Tum ho junoon
Kyun pehle na...Aayi tum.
Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi.
Kismat pe aaye na yakeen..."

This is the essence of Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye, a kind of love which makes you think that

"Main to ye sochta tha,
Ki aaj kal...
Uparwaale ko fursat nahi.
Phir bhi tumhe banake woh,

Meri nazar mein chadh gaya
Rutbe mein wo, Aur badh gaya.."

So, have you had your "Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye" moment yet?


Neha said…
hey ,

Filled with emotions & feelings , seems u had ur "kaise mujhe tum mil gaye " moment :) hmmm..nice post , how romantic :)

memories said…
oye tu toh love guru ho gaya hia...kaise mujhe tum mil gaye ..... :) u rock sid
ivin said…
i am awed! and completely agree with what u have written...
Divya said…
sweet n romantic...
poonam said…
i am jus overwhelmed with the"kaise mujhe tum mil gaye"..its a lovely thought
jay said…
loved the way you explained the meaning of the song

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