IMT Ghaziabad Last Day

The RED Tree and other related memories

There is a tree, a tree with red flowers..standing and seeing what all the last 2 years have been...its now full with flowers...but everyday you look...the flowers keep falling...and the tree...standing like it has always been...saying goodbye to the flowers fallen...waiting for the wind to take them away and spread their fragnance...the tree stays the same...only the flowers keep coming and going.

and fine day...a time comes to cry....sometimes you just don't want to move would want time to's always like that...a set of moving images with no pause button...and then you just don't want to stay in that place...where every thing reminds you...of the time, the image, the moment...which just wouldn't stay!

The tree in front of the mess at IMT, full of flowers two weeks ago, now when the time has come to depart, empty branches remind you of the the time that went away...

Something about nature...changes according to times...changes according to see, the red tree is empty come only to go away...moments come only to stay..etched in memory...years may come and go away!


Anonymous said…
Amazing imagination and thoughtful analogy. Makes one realize that the 'means' are so much more imp. than the 'end'..

The time spent doing an MBA, the time with friends, the times when things did work and the times when they didn't..well all of this is definitely worth cherishing and the post therefore(in my opinion) is your 'ODE to MBA'.. :)

Good Luck for your future endeavors.

Best, Dhiren
Anonymous said…
Wonderful thoughts ...thats y i always say "Manager in making" sid rocks.....ladka senti ho raha hai...hmmm :)

Neha Gupta
Anonymous said…
Amazing thoughts buddy....

Best Wishes,

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