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The MBA Placement Journey...through G-Talk Status messages!

The placement process as at any institute always starts with the finalizing your resume. That is more difficult than it sounds, involving collecting all your achievements and projects, putting them in perfect words which are "crisp" and "concise". Further, it also involves getting it reviewed from other people who always come up with some mistake or the other. Their recommendation is to "quantify" whatever you things like "Organized XYZ event" changes to "Organized XYZ event and helped increase sponsorship by 78% and participation by 110%"!!!. This is quite a skill, as people earlier wrote "Expert in C++", now some, I am sure would be writing this in their resumes: "Expert in quantifying achievements". I for one, as reflected in the status message got really irritated by the whole process.

sid "has frozen his resume and is sick of the word "quantify""

And yes, unlike "Lock kar diya jae" of Kaun Banega Crorepati(Amitabh Bacchan wala), we dont "lock" but "freeze" our resumes. HOT talent with COLD "frozen" resumes! :-D

Further, all institutes have a placement week where all the companies come for placements. The sentiments run really high in the whole process, it a high pressure scenario...shortlists of big companies are look forwarded to with anxiety and then there are a whole lot of group discussions and interviews before you get your job. Not making it is tough, as I found out, where I got rejected in a interview for a dream company before the actual placement week.

Life changed from happy to:

"Turn the page..."
and more worse...

sid "just wants college to end"!!!

Looking back an interview seems like a small thing but right then when you are going through it, it seems like a huge loss. Negativity creeps in and a lot of other things start looking bad.

I was lucky here, to have some really special friends which helped me come out of the whole thing and focus on my placement week preparations.

The mood then again changed from depressingly negative and back to happy...

sid "is back!"

and then very happy and optimistic...that reflected in my status...the line taken from the commercial of my summer internship company..

"Nazar ko kya chahiye, khwaab thode zyaada...khwaab ko kya chahiye, rang thode zyaada..karlo phir Zyada Ka Iraada!"

Then the placement week preparations started and most of Christmas was spent reading up the economic meltdown.

"What Santa gave me...Philip Kotler, The Economic Times, Santa’s own GD-PI overwhelmed….Christmas Rocks!"

The placement week was in the 2nd week of Jan, so between Christmas and the 2nd week the mood kept changing between:

a) Self-Motivation :-(

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go by"

b) More Self Motivation...this time through a song :-( :-(

" Aditi Maan Kabhi Kabhi Saare Jahan Me Andhera Hota Hai, Lekin Raat Ke Baad Hi Toh Savera Hota Hai..."

c) Then it turned into a plea by new year..

sid "needs the Rhythm Divine.."

d) and then hope...this on the eve of the placement week...

sid "believes that the fog is about to clear....a new light about to emerge...a new destiny about to be written..."

I was wrong here regarding the timing, thanks to the negative sentiments which lead to the scarcity of good companies on campus, that "fog" did take quite a long time to clear. :-(

e) Finally to over confidence, hours before the week started...

"says you cant stop me, baby don't even try..."!!!

(talk about attitude ;-) )

f) Then as week came and went, the wait became longer and longer. It was just hoping and praying that its all over quickly.

sid "is hoping he gets to "earn" his cadbury bournville soon "

But then the biggest realization came that after all being happy and having lots of fun were not related to getting placed. Yes, placements were a very important part but not the whole part. In other words, I realized that you don't really have to "earn" your bournville!

"life is what happens when you are busy thinking about other things"

Finally, getting placed in a dream sector, with a dream profile in my home city days before the convocation and ending unexpectedly with a GPA of 8.5 in the last term, I finally realized that everything happens for the good, and till the time it does not happen, life doesn't stop!

This last status just after my placement, reflected the feeling:

sid says "jab mile thode fursat...kar le khud se mohabat...."

(Note: The gtalk status messages shown in this post are taken through the Kwippy website which automatically saves the status messages of an individual at a dedicated page.)


Neha said…
No words to compliment you as always ...Mind blowing :) Neha
Ashutosh Modi said…
really cant be put in better words... keep blogging !!!
SN said…
Very nice....sid u rock man
jasleen said…
random browsing... and came across this post :).... very well written ... i am sure all of us who have gone through this whole process can realte to it ... keep up the good work

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