The Story of a Girl...

Lonely Bird...who wants to Fly

This poem is the Story of a girl who after years of darkness, ultimately finds light and the road to fulfill her destiny. The poem has been written in alternate stanzas of English and Hindi.

A caged bird looks to the sky,
Across horizons she wants to fly.                                                  
Caged and bound she has always been,
Now her only desire is to be free.

एक  बात  वोह  समझ  नहीं  पा रही  थी,
जाने  क्यूँ  मंजिल से  घबरा  रही  थी.
उसकी आँखों मैं  एक  सपना था,
फिर उसको पाने मैं  क्यूँ  कतरा रही थी.

The caged bird even when set free,
Hesitates to fly in the sky.
For years caged thus, it takes time to,
Believe she can also touch the sky.

वोह  झिझक  एक  पल  की  थी,
वोह  डर  एक  पल  का  था.
वोह  अब  अपने  आप को पहचान चुकी थी,
अपनी मंजिल  को  वोह  जान  चुकी  थी.

The bird yearns to fly, the cage now broken.
Who can stop the one who has woken?
In cages of mind, her dream was asleep,
Breaking those, the bird is now set free.

डरी  आँखों  मैं  अब  एक  साहस था,
मन  मैं  जीतने  की एक चाहत थी,
साँसों  मैं  कुछ करने का होसला था.
वोह  अब  उठ  चुकी  थी, वोह  अब  उड़ने  चली थी !

The poem is in continuation of a poem on the same theme written by me earlier. To check out how the thought started, go to:


memories said…
kudos sid!!!!

very well expressed and amazing amaglation of hindi and english line..

u rock man...
Neha said…
awesome dear ...after a long u updated ..but its really gud :)
Pavan said…
Makettles said…
Nice one..
संस्कृति, परंपरा .. शायद यह भी इच्छा दूसरों कृपया करने के लिए उसे अंदर बंद रखा?
Was a pleasure to read it!

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