Its a new day.Its a new collection.

Starting a new phase...
Going on a new path,
What better than
a new song collection,
to start things off...

Here is presenting Visions...and the first song is....Thoughts on a beautiful day

A day of dreams...
an evening of beauty,
long to see you,
as lovers only do.

Happiness apparent, longing within,
to see you, to be with you.
On a day like you,
sweet and charming.
Cant stay without you,
alone and longing.

Wishes I know dont,
come true,
just when you want them to.
But whats a wish if its
fulfilled so easily.
Whats a dream if it,
becomes reality so early.

So, with you not here,
and I can only wish...
That we would be together dear,
and days like this would come again,
and you would be with me, soon.


Anonymous said…
hi dear.ya days vl soon come back n v vl b 2gether again.......hahaha.;-)nyways nice one .hmmmmmmmmmm.gud keep it up.ur j...
siddharth said…
thanks j...
ya, the days like that will come back soon and we will be together again...
ti amo...

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